My New Book “A Portrait of Baroda, MI Businesses”

"A Portrait of Baroda, Michigan Businesses" by Bill Hurst - 80+ Baroda, MI businesses.
“A Portrait of Baroda, Michigan Businesses” by Bill Hurst. 80+ Baroda businesses captured in stunning photos and described in their own words.

“A Portrait of Baroda, Michigan Businesses”, photos and text about 80+ Baroda businesses, is printed and has been selling well!!   In fact, we expect to run out of copies soon.  To buy a copy, contact Bill Hurst at 773-213-3402.   The Book is $35, and is printed on high quality, glossy stock.

The Book contains an Introduction by Baroda local historian Kathy Shafer, providing background about the economy and social fabric of Baroda from its founding into the 1990’s.  The photos in the Book show the amazing diversity of Baroda’s businesses – its impressive concentration of  light manufacturing, agri-tourism, services and retail.  This Book will definitely gain value over time.

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